a film by Guillaume Le Vallois


A Coast-to-Coast Art Performance

From New York to San Francisco, independent artists transform a taxicab into a canvas and express what drives them. The iconic car becomes the support of a collaborative creation.


The drive is the inner force that allows us to make, create or carry out a task. It can be related to what Spinoza calls conatus. That is "an innate inclination of a being to continue to exist and enhance itself".

The Drive is a 4300-mile performance, which develops and questions collaborative artistic creation by connecting artists from New York to San Francisco on a yellow taxi. The cab drives away from its original function and becomes an explorer, not only of the artist's inner drive, but also, to some extent, of the American ethos. Creators from different backgrounds contribute to the making of a moving tapestry - a map of artistic visions. Thus, the endeavour shapes a tangible experience that goes beyond artistic and cultural stereotypes.

Director statement

This performance was an experimental way of creating a collective piece using several types of media. The film is about how artists understand their own urge to create. It is about finding new ways to make and show art. Thus, it also reflects on how the film was made, unfolding possibilities along the road. It was a spur of the moment project, which allowed us to meet people on the spot and record their spontaneity.


Interviews focus on one major question: "what drives you?" Each artist speaks about their experience, how they understand their own approach and what drives them to create.


Artists were contacted beforehand or met on the spot. The main types of arts are the following: painting, collage, graffiti, sculpture, carving, print-making, ceramic. Musicians also contributed to the film's soundtrack.


New York - Cleveland - Detroit - Chicago - Saint Louis - Kansas City - Denver - Salt Lake City - Corvallis - Portland - Spokane - Seattle - Cobb Mountain - San Francisco

People behind the wheel

Guillaume Le Vallois is a French Swiss independent filmmaker. Born in Cannes, he studied American literature and Asian cultures in Geneva and attented a filmmaking class at UBC, Vancouver. In 2016, his short fiction "De la Boue sur l'Asphalte" won the 1st prize of the Post Car World EPFL contest. Early 2018, he completed his first feature documentary, The Drive.

Maoya Bassiouni is a water resources researcher and artist. Her projects are experiments mixing photography, algorithms, and psychogeography, inspired by a scientific approach to reveal and simplify patterns in the environment - randomness and interactions []